Meet Linda Fox

HELLO! My name is Linda Fox, your local brow and beauty expert.

I am Irish, now based in Melbourne and what a journey it has been in every sense! I am happy to be living in this beautiful country now with my family.

Having seventeen years under my belt as a qualified beauty and massage therapist, I am still as passionate about my work as the day I started.

All my individual brow courses I have completed in the UK and Ireland, so I feel I can provide you with a unique service that you may not find in many salons on the Mornington Peninsula.

What gives me most pride is when my clients express "wow no one has ever done my brows like that, I love them!".

I will admit I am obsessed with brows, without them we would look very odd. They frame our face, show our expressions, 'YOU know that one look you give your partner when he's in trouble (lol). This would so not work without on point brows.

Eyebrows are part of our identity, so let’s get started on your brow journey today. I look forward to working on your brows!